About the service

The children’s academic journey and experience can have a direct impact on their future. Our Mentorship Programme provides continuous personal support to the academic and social development to achieve an all-round academic and extra-curricular excellence.

Through this programme, our mentor finds and cultivate children’s interest, help them to establish good habits and foster their self-learning ability. Apart from having close communication with the child, mentor actively speaks to the teachers, houseparent and host family to learn more about the child’s progress, support his or her interest and overcome any barriers or weaknesses to built-up confidence and strength, for the student to work toward their goals and success.

Service procedure

Weekly communication with the student

Weekly communication to evaluate and record progress, understand the situation and set weekly targets and goals.

Regular communication with the school

Maintain close communication with house parents and coordinate with key teachers to identify and strengthen

Professional advice and guidance

Advice and assist in subject selection which is most suitable based on interest and career aspirations, e.g. GCSEs, A-levels and university applications.

Holiday planning

Depending on the age, we ensure your child’s holiday is also enriched with different work experiences, volunteering or other programmes and activities (extra charges may apply)

5 Progress report

Progress reports are provided for parents every fortnight.


Support your child beyond the school syllabus to motivate them to pursue their passion and interests.(extra charges may apply)